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Eliminate the paperwork and take ownership of your HR

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CommonOffice is a human resource management systems (HRMS) that provide you with all the HR tools you need to improve your HR processes. Access all your HR software and manage your workforce from anywhere you set up your office. 

HR is about the people, not the paperwork

Make time for the work you were meant to do.  Let us take care of the paperwork so you can focus on the things that matter.  

HR professionals have a lot to keep track of. Healthcare data to stay compliant? Check. Contact information for the employee directory? Check.  Social Security numbers and pay history?  Check 





Vacation Tracking Software, Performance Management, Training Tracking, Applicant Tracking Core HRIS, e-OnBoarding, Expense Tracking, mobile app


Vacation Tracking , Core HRIS, E-Onboarding, 

Mobile App, 

E-Signature, Incident Tracking, Asset Management, Succession Planning





Project Tracking, Vacation Tracking, Performance Management,  Training Tracking, Applicant Tracking, Document Management, Core HRIS, e-OnBoarding, Expense, Mobile Apps



 Performance Management,  Core HRIS, Vacation Tracking, E-Onboarding, Expense Tracking, Mobile App, Asset Management, Succession Planning

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" Thanks to CommonOffice, our HR group has more time to manage our employees and be proactive in building an amazing transparent, responsive corporate culture, around our offices in 13 countries."

Jana Etzold

Human Resource Manager, Swissotel

"CommonOffice is so easy that every employee can use it, which allows me to be a better Human Resource Manager."

Julie Bonneval

Human Resource Manager, Christian Dior

"Before CommonOffice, I'd sometimes work full day calculating vacation balances, do On-boarding, collect performance reviews papers and manually type the missing pieces of information. Now I have time to automate, delegate and concentrate on people. "

Elisa Goldman

Human Resource Manager, BTIG , Wall Street

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Your Self-Managed HRMS with World Class Service

Basic software doesn't do HR justice! That's why we've developed a system which integrates everything you need into one platform that's easy to learn and convenient to access. Why settle for basic when you can go major league!

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     - iPhone 



Live Phone Support

Implementation Time frame of 2-4 weeks 


Unlimited Customization's

Affordable Pricing


Extremely Versatile  Performance Tracking

Our Competitor

Platforms Supported

     - iPhone 



Live Phone Support

Implementation Time frame of 2-4 weeks 

Unlimited Customization's

Affordable Pricing


Extremely Versatile Performance Tracking

Starting at $7/employee - $15/employee

As low as $2/employee - $5/employee

Paid customizations

Free customizations

High implementation costs with time frames up to 8 weeks

1) Low Cost of Ownership

Reduce cost of IT and Administrative processes

2) Scalable

With a fast server, our applications can handle your organizational requirements no matter the number of employees or how complex you want to set the rules

3) Transparency

Company/Department calendars, Organization Chart, and Custom Reports offer deep insight and analytics on employee information and requests

4) Time Management

HR system tailored to your organization so you have everything you need all in one system

5) Convenience

Paperless HR processes allow you to access your system from anywhere through Desktop, Laptop, and mobile apps for iPhone and Android

Top 10 Reasons Why CommonOffice is for You

6) Organization

Have all of your applications automatically sync with each other so you don't have to recreate any information and have better and more informative reports

7) Security

Cloud-based software allows you to encrypt your HR applications in multi-levels of security, without having to worry abut files and computer servers that take up space

8) Self Service

HR Portal allows you to access all of your HR applications, send automated email to employees, run and download reports, and set up/edit/delete employee accounts

9) Dedicated Support

Personal Account Manager assigned to your organization

10) Faster Recruitment Process

Create and post new job postings internally and externally, manage candidate applications, and make final decisions all in one software

Based on CommonOffice Client Survey, 2018

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